Virus Alert – BBB Complaint PDF

Alert for current virus activity.

Our scanning gateways will identify virus and spam activity occurring in the wild. Over the last few days – the gateways have reported a very high number of hits with a particular virus. Though they differ slightly in Subject and the attachment, all reference a BBB Complaint either in the subject or the body of the email, and all have an attached PDF file which is actually an executable file. All containing the virus Mal/BredoZp-B (as identified by Sophos).

Virus infection is a costly event in any environment, but is significantly more sensitive in a healthcare setting. What is the virus doing? Is it accessing local data and reporting is back to an outside party? What data may have been accessed? At the very least, it is an “incident” to be dealt with, documented and evaluated for any possible data access. At worst – it can become a reportable breach.

All practices should have strict policies about opening attachments in email from unknown sources or with any suspect attributes. What is even more effective is gateway scanning which simply does not allow the delivery of any executable attachments. Our SafeMail services/gateways do exactly that and all practices should consider gateway scanning whether from Kali Systems or any other outside provider.

Kali Systems will continue to post alerts when a particular virus appears to be extremely widespread.