The End of an Era – Microsoft Discontinues Support for XP Operating System


Microsoft’s announcement to discontinue support for XP systems has been widely reported in the news lately, and many industry leaders have voiced their opinions on the implications this has for security. From broadly replacing all XP systems, to taking these workstations off the internet, to not doing anything at all, what is the best option for your practice?

Discontinued support does not mean that XP systems will cease to run properly – all this means is that Microsoft will no longer be patching (updating) the operating system as security flaws are detected. For reference, Microsoft currently patches their systems monthly, and sooner for critical vulnerabilities. As these systems go unpatched, malware developers will discover an increasing number of vulnerabilities to exploit, compromising the security of the computer.

We do have options for XP systems, especially for our Virtualized clients employing Terminal Servers. We are able to convert these workstations into “Thin Clients” – the workstation connects to a session on the server from which the desktop, operating system, and software is provided. This eliminates external connections from the unsupported XP system, mitigating associated security risks. It also saves cost by utilizing existing infrastructure rather than purchasing replacement desktops for all the XP machines in your office.

We are available to discuss this further with each of you, along with additional solutions we have available, and come up with a plan tailored to fit your needs. Give us a call or send us an email to get started!